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Layer3: ZK-Rollup as a Service

  • Rollup SDKs for general-purpose & application-specific rollups
  • PoVP: a native decentralized consensus for Rollups

Layer 2: Opside chain with native rollup and hybrid consensus of PoS & PoW

  • Rollup slots: unified smart contract entry for zk-rollups
  • Cross-rollup Communication: an intuitive and practical ZK-Rollup interworking scheme
  • Precompiled contracts: accelerate the verification of zk proofs

Layer 1: Multi-chain bridges

  • Trustless oracle: generate and transmit consensus proofs of layer 2
  • ZK-bridge: verify and execute cross-chain transactions



Opside provides ZK-Rollup solutions, while other RaaS platforms mostly provide Optimistic Rollups. ZK-Rollups provide advantages that Optimistic Rollups don't: more secure, trustless, and faster withdrawals.

Cross-rollup communication

Zk-Rollups are to be managed by a unified system contract, sharing the same interface specifications and data results, hence enabling native cross-rollup communication.

More decentralized

By adopting ETH2.0 PoS consensus, Opside minimizes entry barriers for validators and strives towards decentralization. Opside's permissionless PoW consensus is designed to attract miners to solve zk Validation Proofs, thus maintaining security jointly.

Custom economic models

Developers have full sovereignty over their ZK-Rollup environment, being able to customize the economic model within the rollup by choosing the desired token to be used for gas fees.

0 gas fee

Opside's custom Rollup Chains offer unique benefits when it comes to the economic model for fees. Developers are free to adjust the gas fee, even to 0. Thus, users do not need to pay any fees.

Fully on-chain

Applications can now fully deploy their data on-chain, without concerns about high fees or congestion.Specifically for games, financial derivatives, and social networks, this need has now become a reality.

EVM compatible

Opside empowers developers with a stack of different types of zkEVM SDK's to choose from, including Polygon zkEVM, Scroll, zkSync, StarkNet, etc. that can be chosen when creating your own Rollup.

Full hardware support

Miners provide computing power through the ZKP Unified Marketplace. Thanks to Opside's decentralization of prover through Proof-of-Work, developers can have their own ZK-Rollups without any hardware costs.


  • PoC testnet

    Q3-Q4 2022: Research, Proof of concept testnet.

  • Pre-alpha testnet

    Q1-Q2 2023: Hybrid of PoS & PoW, ZK-Rollup launchpad, Rollup slot system contracts.

  • Alpha & Final testnet

    Q3-Q4 2023: PoW (GPU version), Native cross-rollup communication, Decentralized sequencer (based rollups), Rollup PBS.

  • Mainnet

    2024-: A decentralized ZK-RaaS platform.

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